Bita PVC foam board

The only manufacturer of 3 Layers PVC sheet in the Middle East

Taking advantage of internal knowledge
and experience with global quality

Bita Compressed Foam Company was established in 2010 in Shekouhieh Industrial Town. The directors of this company, relying on their 20 years of valuable experience in the wood and MDF industry, purchased PVC foamed sheet machines and equipment. Launching the first three-layer PVC foam sheet production line in the Middle East is the result of extensive investment and research in this field.

Three-layers PVC foam

Bita three-layers PVC foam refers to a foamed sheet whose outer surfaces are made of hard PVC (upvc). The presence of this coating, which is made possible by the co-extrusion process; It gives a beautiful appearance to the PVC foam sheet, increases its strength and bending resistance, and prevents the sheet from warping over a long period of time. In addition, this shiny and transparent surface can be washed due to its impermeability and integrity. The high density of the Beta PVC foam sheet increases the strength of the screws, increases the strength and longevity of the structures made from it.

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